Welcome to The Preserve at Green Lakes

Welcome to The Preserve at Green Lakes

The Preserve at Green Lakes is a quiet, tranquil community located on the northern end of the Grand Strand. Our small neighborhood of just fifty-five homes is tucked into a lovely landscape of mature trees and lakes that provide owners with a variety of birds, waterfowl and other wildlife to enjoy.

Located east of Business 17 in the Arcadian Shores section of Myrtle Beach, the Preserve is just a few blocks from the Atlantic Ocean, close to Restaurant Row, golf courses, entertainment, and shopping and we believe that it offers one of the best areas to live in.

The Preserve at Green Lakes Property Owners’ Association is managed by Kuester Management Group, P.O. Box 3340, Fort Mill, SC 29716.

Attorneys and Real Estate professionals may obtain information for property sales or closings from Kuester through www.homewisedocs.com.

Neighborhood Facebook: Preserve at Green Lakes. Send a request from the Facebook page to join this closed group where we exchange information and ask questions about service providers and more.

Governing Documents

General Information About Homeowners’ Association Rules & Regulations

About 50 million U.S. homeowners belong to some sort of a homeowners’ association. Some people complain about living under rules put forth by their HOA, but there is a core framework for these rules, which are decided by HOA members. The purpose of an HOA, however, is not to make life difficult by rule implementation; the purpose is to protect its members and their property values. If you buy a home that features an HOA, knowing the rules and regulations is vital before purchase. The HOA’s governing documents generally “run with the land”, which means that all current and future owners of property within the HOA will be bound by them as a condition of property ownership.

Homeowners Volunteer for the HOA Board

An HOA is typically run by a volunteer board of directors who are elected by HOA members. It is this board’s obligation to enforce the rules set forth in the CC&Rs, and their powers are limited by the rulebook. Some of their basic duties include collecting HOA dues, enforcing code violations and determining changes to the CC&Rs. Some boards have broad powers, right down to the right to foreclose on property if dues are not paid.

Know Your HOA Rules

Every HOA CC&R features a rulebook, things their members are allowed and not allowed to do. The rulebook can be as precise as the HOA’s members want it to be, but ultimately the HOA’s members must agree to these rules. HOAs can place restrictions on type of pet ownership, the types of flags owners are allowed to fly outside their homes, where homeowners can park, what hours the pool closes, what colors homes can be painted, how tall grass is supposed to be and even types of home additions. Generally, CC&Rs are enforceable as legal documents.

You Can Change Some Rules

Many CC&Rs feature a resolution process to propose and enact new rules. The positive to the resolution process is that it’s not necessary to amend the core of the CC&R, which can require the use of an attorney. The process is much like the process of adopting a new policy in a city government. A rule is proposed, and the board provides HOA members with information so they can comment. If the majority of the HOA members agree, the rule is enacted, including information on enforcement, punishment and appeal.

Pros and Cons of HOAs

A major benefit of an HOA is to protect your property value. The CC&Rs for an HOA are spelled out before you move in or purchase property. If you are planning to buy a home that features an HOA, it’s a good idea to read the rulebook thoroughly, especially if you intend to make changes to your property.

Everyone in an HOA lives by the same code. The big negative is that once you sign a deed to purchase, you’re entering into a legally binding contract. You must abide by the CC&Rs, and there are few options if you have a grievance. As with any legal document, you should thoroughly investigate the implications before you sign.

Architectural Review Committee

To maintain consistency within our community all new home construction and exterior home or property changes must have the approval of our community Architectural Review Committee (ARC).  All applications must be submitted directly to Kuester Management Group.  Please use the “button” at the bottom of the page to access the KMG website and submit your online application to the ARC Department. 

When you get to the KMG welcome page, you will need to log in to get to the Preserve portal.  Once you are on the Preserve portal, use the link on the front page: “Click here to submit an Architectural Application“. 

Please complete all the required information and send the application directly to KMG by clicking SUBMIT at the bottom of the application.  If the information you send in is not sufficient to complete your request, you will be contacted directly by the ARC Department at KMG.

We are continuously working to streamline the process for you to request and gain approval for any changes you would like to make to your property.

As a reminder you MUST submit a change request for any new construction and  “exterior” home and property changes.  Not sure what you need to submit a form for – the Architectural Review Guidelines are available here.

Our goal will be to provide approval for ‘common’ requests within a reasonable timeframe.

If you have any questions about the process please send an email to arc@thepreserveatgreenlakes.com.

Architectural Review Board Members
ChairwomanValerie Ransom
Member-at-LargeDavid Sams
Member-at-LargeDiane Anderson
Member-at-LargeFrida Kerr
Member-at-LargeJim Schade

Board of Directors

Your Board of Directors (BOD) are available to help clarify any rule or concern. Contact your board of Directors by email at theboard@thepreserveatgreenlakes.com

Board of Directors
PresidentBob Humbertson
Vice PresidentTed Sobol
TreasurerWendy Anderson
SecretaryCarol Feltmate
Member at LargeValerie Ransom

Management Company

Kuester Management Group [KMG] manages the day to day operations for the HOA. You will receive a quarterly invoice from them for your monthly assessments. You must register with KMG in order to access the Preserve at Green Lakes portal on their website for information on your account.  Then log into the KMG website using the “login/password” that you have set up with the management company.

NOTE – You MUST submit an Architectural Change Request from the management company website using the link below.  When you get to the KMG welcome page, you will need to log in to get to the Preserve portal.  Once you are on the Preserve portal, use the link on the front page: “Click here to submit an Architectural Application“. 

If the information you submit is not sufficient to complete your request, you will be contacted directly by the ARC Department at KMG.